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Hello and welcome to the programme"Good Morning America"! Today we are going to talk about a very interesting subject: VOLUNTARY SERVICES.
To help us with the subject we have here Kate Legrand, representative of Unicef that is going to talk a bit about the organization and the work developed in Haiti.
The voluntary service is a practice that has been increasing year after year, being an action achieved in a free, uninteresting and responsible way with the objective of helping the community and not receiving any salary by the services.

Good Morning and thank very much for being here. What objective was this organization created?
Kate Legrand- The Unicef was created by United Nations in 11 December 1946 with the objective of supplying food of emergency and health care to children in countries that were devastated by second world war. It becomes a permanent system of United Nations in 1953. The headquarter of the Unicef is located in the city of New York.It secures humanitarian aid and development of children and mothers in countries in development.
Presenter- How many countries do you help?
Kate Legrand- We are distributed by more 190 countries and territories.
P.- What kind of aids do you help to keep the organization active?
K.L.- We have the help of the contributions of governments and private donors. Around of 6 millions of people contribute with monetary helps through our national committee yearly.
P.-With the recognition and developed work, Unicef was awarded with the Prize Nobel of Peace and Prize os Asturias of Concord. Now, With the enormous tragedy that happened in Haiti, what helping plan do you have?
K.L.- Well, the Unicef has supplied basic material population, allowing them access means of sanitation, drinking water and cares of basic health to children affected and their families. We are trying that the children continue their learning providing them spaces of diversion while the parents and families are occupied with the reconstruction of their lifes.
P.- As we know, the country had always economic difficulties and an enormous political instability...
K.L.- Yes, we are present in Haiti since 1949 workimg with government in the creation of solutions to reduce the problems of this region.
P.- Children were rhe ones that most suffered. What`s your main concern about them?
K.L.- To prevent that the orphans are sequestrated and, later trafficked. Trying to meet their parents or new family. Getting hold of the going out of children, making sure that the international rules of adoption are fulfilled.
P.- The recent case, that has became public recently was the kidnap of 15 children of different hospitals. Where do you think children are now?
K.L.- The children were taken to Dominic Repubic through the airport. This is a hard reality and we have to deal with it and, clearly try to solve this priblem.
P.- Now, leaving this subject, we would like to know what is necessary to be a volunteer.
K.L.- A volunteer should be fexible, communicative and open to new experiences; willing to learn new skills; broad-mindead and self-reliant and committed to inter-cultural understanding. He doesn`t need specialized skills or working experience, foreign language skills and experience on international travel.
P.- Before of finish, what do we need to do to send a donation to Unicef?
K.L.- They may be sent by general account of deposits.
P.- Thank you very much by your presence doctor Kate and see you in the next programme!!
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The Internet

The Internet is a conglomerate of networks worldwide of millions of computers connected by TCP/IP that allows acess to information and all kinds data transfer. It carries a wide variety of features and services, including documents connected by hiperlinks on tehe World Wide Web (www), and infrastructure to support e-mail services such as instant communication and file sharing.
According to data from March 2007, the Internet is used by 16.9% of world population (about 1.1 billion people.

* Crime on the Internet is widespread:
Many internet crimes are associated with child sexual abuse involving prostitution and dissemination of pornographic photos of minors.
It has also been listed on defamation issues on social networking and the advocacy of unlawful acts, and also the dissemination of all kinds of prejudices. Another important issue relates to banking and financial crimes committed on the Internet.

* The Internet is also a form of leisure and more frequent use of this advantage are social networks:
Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Twitter, Hi5, among others, have created a new form of socialization and interaction. Users of these services are able to add a wide variety of items with their personal pages, to indicate common interests, and contact with other people. You can also find a large circle of existing knowledge, esopecially if the site allows users to use their real names, and allow communication between the existing large groups of people.

* The Internet has contributed to aid in student learning:
The use of networks as a new form of interaction in the educational process extends the action of communication between and teacher and educational and culture exchange.
Now, students are increasingly use the Internet to work or to send them to teachers. It's easy and economical.

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Your First Job - Chad Foster

According to Chad Foster money can come from 4 places. He said that you could earn it, marry it. Stealing it isn't the best option, so the best option is earning it.
However he said that there was a thing to consider, you will work 86 thousand hours in your whole life. That is a very long long time, so according to Chad you should choose your job carefully.
He also told that 75% of workers are unsatisfied with their jobs. There are a couple of things he said you should follow to get your perfect job:
1) Do what you love, money will follow;

2) Your job should provide all you need;

3) And it should help you to helping others.

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