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Hi! Mary
I will try to help you with your problem.
You are a very young teen and you have plenty of time in your life to find a boyfriend.
The destiny will put one in your way when the time is right, then you will discover your first love and will have your first kiss, too.
If you are shy, you should try to change because being very shy will make your life a little difficult and people won`t get near you so easily as you want.
Be yourself and semply try to enjoy life as it is. Be happy!!!
Trabalho elaborado por: Fátima Sousa 10ºD Nº9

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Dear Mary Jones,

Why are you worried about other people`s life? Just because your friends have boyfriends it doesn`t mean you have to start looking for someone desperately. You are 14 years old and in my opinion it`s too soon to think seriously about it. First, enjoy your age by choosing good friends, nice people and maybe you`ll meet someone that is compatible with you. Try to change something about your looks because you said you are shy and guys don`t know you exist. There must be some subjects you like to talk about such as music, cinema or sports, mostly sports, guys love it!
There is no reason to be desperate, you are too young and you are not mature enough to face loneliness. Don`t rush! Hearn to love yourself and to feel good with yourself, then you will be ready to feel good with others.
I hope my advice will help you to progress in this matter.

Hope to hear goods from you soon

Best wishes,

Dr. Hope

José Bragança Nº18 10ºD

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Seasons Greetings!!!

Hi... to you all.
I'm really happy to see you are publishing your work.
It's wonderful to open up these pages and read them.
I'm loving it.
Have a good time!
Enjoy the holidays... be happy, caring and kind.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Seasons Greetings!!!

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Scary Story

When I was 9 years old, I move to a new house. It was a two-storey house, small and not very pretty, but older. After a couple months I knew everybody in the neighborhood especially the children’s. Was when one of the neighboring asked me:
“Who is lay awake all night in your house?”, “Nobody!?” I replay, “So why I listening the door beating all night?”
I told the case to my mom but she doesn’t give importance. I also don’t care much for it, my neighbors always said: “How you have courage to live in that house?”.
Later we contracts one employer and she was very afraid, she said “When I’m down I hear noises of people up there, and when I'm up, I hear noise down.”. “It must be the dog.” we said , “ No, the dog stay all the time beside me.”. But nobody care.
One day i was sleeping (with my mom and my brother) when someone hit the door. It isn’t a common beat, was very strong. My mom goes to the door and asked “Who is?”, but nobody answer. Two more times she asked and nobody answered. So my moms took the phone and call to the employer and ask if was her that knock the door. The answer was no. After joining courage the two of us were to outside see what’s going on. The whole house was in the most perfect silence. It was when my mom told me that the former owner of the house had been murdered, apparently by his partner. Since then mother, brother and aunt had gone to live there, but everyone left with afraid. Until my mother bought the house, but all the people who rented it also came out saying that they saw things. We live in this house for three years and since then I’ve never had such experiences. Particularly, I am very skeptical about these things. Neighbors, however, until today are afraid of the house.

Carla Andreia
Filipa Vieira
José Silva
Sofia Costa

European Day of Languages

Languages are considered to be the source of life and power
Linguistic diversity is what defines one of the others
And freedom?
You have yours I have mine the freedom no one can take us.

Independently of our union
Nothing changes
Everyone has their culture
Everyone has their language

26th September is the must important day
The day we celebrate our unity through language
So in this special day I remember the others
And believe that unity is owe strength.

Sofia Costa
10º D
Importance of learning another languages:

Language is important to communicate and understand people.

Learning anoher languages opens new opportunities.

Personal, professional, social and economic considerations all point to the advantages of learning foreign languages.

Most people learning two or more languages.

English is the native language in United Kingdom, is a second language or foreign languages in always countries.

In Portugal people use the English for second language because English is the most widespread language in the world and English is the major languages of new and information.

So, learning another languages because it's importante for your future and, for example, make new friends from other countries.

Ana Rita Dinis nº1 10ºD
Dear John:

I think you should show your face.

If she really likes you, it will not matter if you are ugly or not.

But if she really stops talking with you this means that she is cruel and does not deserve your love.

And I’m sure that what you certainly do not want to like a person who does not like you

It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, if you are well or badly dressed what is important is what you feel inside in your heart.

Ana Rita Dinis Nº1 10ºD

Adolescence (Advice)

I think you shouldn't pay attention to what others say because some girls don't care much about the physical aspect but rather about the personality.
If you are a guy who is physically beautiful and if you have good friends and don't get yourself into confusions I think anyone will be interested in you. However, you have to be patient and shouldn't get anxious because the girls can feel when you are nervous because you are inexperienced with relationships.
Just be careful! And don't forget: Looks are important but they aren't all!

Miguel Sousa nº24 10ºB

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Adolescence II...

Adolescent psychology is associated with notable changes in mood sometimes known as mood swings. Cognitive, emotional and attitudinal changes which are characteristic of adolescence, often take place during this period, and this can be a cause of conflict on one hand and positive personality development on the other.
Because the adolescents are experiencing various strong cognitive and physical changes, for the first time in their lives they may start to view their friends, their
peer group, as more important and influential than their parents/guardians. Because of peer pressure, they may sometimes indulge in activities not deemed socially acceptable, although this may be more of a social phenomenon than a psychological one.

The home is an important aspect of adolescent psychology: home environment and family have a substantial impact on the developing minds of teenagers, and these developments may reach a climax during adolescence. For example, abusive parents may lead a child to "poke fun" at other classmates when he/she is seven years old or so, but during adolescence it may become progressively worse. If the concepts and theory behind right or wrong were not established early on in a child's life, the lack of this knowledge may impair a teenager's ability to make beneficial decisions as well as allowing his/her impulses to control his/her decisions.
In the search for a unique social

identity for themselves, adolescents are frequently confused about what is 'right' and what is 'wrong.'

Adolescents may be subject to peer pressure within their adolescent time span, consisting of the need to have sex, consume alcoholic beverages, use drugs, defy their parental figures, or commit any activity in which the person who is subjected to may not deem appropriate, among other things. Peer pressure is a common experience between adolescents and may result briefly or on a larger scale.

It should also be noted that adolescence is the stage of a psychological breakthrough in a person's life when the cognitive development is rapid and the thoughts, ideas and concepts developed at this period of life greatly influence one's future life, playing a major role in character and personality formation.
Struggles with adolescent identity and depression usually set in when an adolescent experiences a loss. The most important loss in their lives is the changing relationship between the adolescent and their parents. Adolescents may also experience strife in their relationships with friends.
This may be due to the activities their friends take part in, such as smoking, which causes adolescents to feel as though participating in such activities themselves is likely essential to maintaining these friendships. Teen depression can be extremely intense at times because of physical and hormonal changes but emotional instability is part of adolescence. Their changing mind, body and relationships often present themselves as stressful and that change, they assume, is something to be feared.


Adolescence (Latin adolescere, to grow) is a transitional stage of physical and mental human development that occurs between childhood and adulthood. This transition involves biological, social, and psychological changes, though the biological or physiological ones are the easiest to measure objectively. Historically, puberty has been heavily associated with teenagers and the onset of adolescent development. In recent years, however, the start of puberty has had somewhat of an increase in preadolescence (particularly females), and adolescence has had an occasional extension beyond the teenage years (typically males). This has made adolescence less simple to discern.
The teenage years are from ages 13 to 19. However, the end of adolescence and the beginning of adulthood varies by country and by function, and furthermore even within a single nation-state or culture there can be different ages at which an individual is considered to be (chronologically and legally) mature enough to be entrusted by society with certain tasks. Such milestones include, but are not limited to, driving a vehicle, having legal sexual relations, serving in the armed forces or on a jury, purchasing and drinking alcohol, voting, entering into contracts, completing certain levels of education, and marrying.
Adolescence is usually accompanied by an increased independence allowed by the parents or legal guardians and less supervision, contrary to the preadolescence stage.

in Wikipedia

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The Mirror

Once upon a time, a pretty and intelligent girl named Nancy Fieldman, of an humble origin, who worked in a mansion, in England, with her mother, by the year 1870.
The owner of the mansion where Nancy and her mother worked was a man with serious personality problems, an unscrupulous psychopath. This man was very rude to them and treated them badly leaving them only the remains of its frequent services and a cold room where both fit in during the night, in that mansion with numerous hot rooms that were locked for use only for guests.
Due to the inhumane treatment and also a profound anemia, Nancy's mother died, leaving her daughter her few possessions, a small doll and a mirror framed in marble left by his father with the following words at the bottom of the mirror: «I will be a reflection of your soul wherever I am».
Nancy was a shy girl, but she was always smiling, however, with the death of her mother, Nancy went into a deep depression and wanted to leave the mansion.
The owner of the mansion, knowing her intentions, locked Nancy in a basement, where she could not go out, and what was worse, the girl was raped every night in that place.
One day, tired of suffering and so much pain, Nancy tried to respond to the aggression that was submitted, giving a blow with her doll in the face of man. The owner of the mansion, very angry with the girl, slapped her and smothered with her own doll.
During this discussion, the girl dropped the mirror and still no air said her last words: "I will be the reflection of your soul wherever I am" ...
Weeks later the man was found with her hair completely gray, dead without explanation with a piece of mirror in his hands.
Until today, the death of this man has been a mystery, many people say that the persons who picked up this piece of mirror have died or become mad, many say they see a reflection of little Nancy.

Andreia Sofia
Diana Isabel
José Filipe
Paulo Rafael

domingo, 29 de novembro de 2009

Serial Killer

A long time ago, a certain boy (John) due to a judicial sentence was compelled to remain at home without never being able to leave.
As he had nothing to do he occupied his time to observe the routine of the neighbours, watching television and playing playstation.
One night, when he was observing Dani, the next door neighbour, he saw that Dani was accompanied by a beautiful woman. Suddently, John listened to a strange noise coming from the house of Dani:
-Help, help...
John immediately ran to the window and saw the woman running around the house, being very scared. Suddently, Dani appeared behind her and put her unconscious. John was very scared and tried to understand what was happening, only that Dani saw it and stared at him with a cold and dark look.
John was at home with his mother and therefore was afraid that Dani would kill them. But, thank God, Dani did nothing.
The next day, John tried to find out what had happened to that woman, so he tried to enter the house of Dani.
By chance, John found the house of Dani, a secret door that led into a subterranean room. When, John entered the room he was horrified as, he met decapitated bodies of woman. The horror was such that John didn`t notice the approach of Dani.
They were involved in a fight, when suddently John saw a knife and stabbe him in the heart, John imagined the suffering those woman had, when they were to be cut, and felt horrified by this act.
For this act of courage, John was declared not guilt of all accusations, becoming a free man.
Fátima Sousa 1oºD Nº9

Linguist diversity

The world has languages
different nations,
each language has it`s culture,
but the race is only one - human race.

Fosters contact with people and their culture
helps us to think differently and know other worlds.
Languages borrow words and expressions
e.g. : toillete, pizza, croissant, boutique and others.
When the sun rises, it rises for we all
and the world says Good Morning, Bonjour,Guten Morgen...
Trabalho elaborado por: Fátima Sousa 10ºD
Vera Sousa 10ºD

sábado, 28 de novembro de 2009

The haunted house

Once upon a time in a dark and amazing night, some boys, Frederic and John, walked around at forest. They were lost when they were playing hide-and-seek. It was full moon night, the day of free ghosts. They were already between forest when they understood where they were. They were desperate, because didn`t know that local. Frederic began to think how they could leave from there. John was very frightened, then the Frederic told:
-John don`t get sad, so we`ll leave from here.

Then, they began to walk at forest, suddenly they saw a old abandoned house. Frederic entered in first to see inside. He didn`t see nothing special, therefore he commanded John to go up, to spend there the night. The two friends began the rummage house and they found big and cosy beds for rest. It`s half past eleven p.m., when struck twelve o`clock p.m., a big noise was heard. The boys woke of deep sleep, so was the day their freedom. Frederi and John walked the stroll throught the house searching for answers, when they suddenly saw a white thing.

John told:

-Is a ghost.

-We must leave from here, now!-answeed Frederic.began to run, but the doors were locked. The ghosts came near them. The ghosts led the boys for the ghost assembly, to decide their future. The chief of ghosts was very happy, because he have two people to amuse himself. The ghosts told:

-Transform in ghost for ever.

Other told:


They didn`t arrive to a consensus, therefore the chief of ghosts decided, to transform them into ghosts. John and Frederic were terrifying with such news. The gave to prepare the ritual. After some time, John and Frederic were transformed into ghosts.

When the daybreak, the ghosts were in their deep sleep. The two friends were sad, so they only could see their family in day 13 th June, the day of free ghosts.

Trabalho realizado por: Vera Sousa 10ºD nº 28

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And the Winners Are...

The "Scary Story" Contest in our school motivated many students from the 10th grade to participate.
I wish to thank all the students for their enthusiam, imagination and commitment in writing so many " Scary Stories". However, we had to select only three.
And this time the winners are:
1st prize goes to Anita, Marlene, Dina and Rui from 10C

2nd prize goes to Adriana from 10E

3rd prize goes to Nuno and Marcelo from 10D

Congratulations to all.

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Scary Story

One day a group of friends prepared a party on a desert island called “La Isla de la Muerte”, because many years ago there was a mad scientist that invented the immortal blood and was still living there with his guinea pig and when one of them bite someone they turned into monsters.
A group of friends saw the pamphlet, they decided to go, they couldn’t know what was expecting them.
They asked a fisherman to take them to that island. The fisherman needed to unload some illegal cargo there he decided to take them to the island. He told them not to go but they only cared about the party.
When day arrived to the island they tried to find the person who organized the party but they only found an old house that had the inscription “House of the Dead” and abandoned stage.
They went to the stage and remain there until the dawn, then some of them took a night walk. The monsters heard some noise and they attacked one girl and suddenly the cops arrived that killed her because she was already transformed.
When the friends got there and saw that she was dead they cried.
The police said that day had no choice but kill her because she was already infected and could infect the others.
They tried to run away but the monsters blocked their way so they ran to the beach because it was safer. They hide and planned the attack against the monsters. They looked for weapons on the fisherman’s cargo, luckily they found real weapons.
They shot against the monsters and fled at the same time and they got into the old house.
The monsters couldn’t attack them but they couldn’t stay much longer.
Luckily they found a away out through a tunnel under the ground, they went to the tunnel but they didn´t find an exit but a lab with a lot of human organs and a corpse that suddenly rose and attacked them but they killed it before he infected anyone.
And surprisingly the mad scientist. They struggled to survive until one of them found some dynamite and planted it all over the house.
They looked for the mad scientist inside the house and they blew up with the house. Everything was gone. They stood there, until morning when the fisherman returned b with help.
Everything ended just fine.

David Costa 10ºE Nº8
Mara Peixoto 10ºE Nº21

quarta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2009

Scary Story

Alison is at home when comes her father, Ronald. She was scared because she knew what was going to happen. Her father was very strange and empty her life black. Determined, she jumped out the window and took only a blackpack with her.

She was fleeing to the mountain thinking that there she would be safe. But while running heard cries and thought her father was chasing her. After some time she looked back and saw an animal. It was great, had a horrible odour and was going towards her. Seeing this she began again to try to escape, but the monster caught her and took her to a cave. She is unconscious when she awakes and sees the monster trying to eat her. He has the teeth with blood and a large tongue. Then she realized that the noises were people who were secreaming for help because they were being attaked by him.
Alison escapes and runs towards the house. When she there arrives, her father isn't at home.
She hides in garage but there is a monster and attacks her. She gets into her senses and sees that her mother is dead at her feet in a room in the loft. She thought that her mother had died in an explosion but was now seeing her there covered with blood and her body was falling apart. Suddenly appeared her father and asked your fogiveness. Alison doesn't understand. Alison felt a strond blow on the head and fainted.
She woke upin her bed and her father was caring for her forshe had a fever.
Was it a dream? Can this dream come true?~
Miguel Sousa nº24 10ºB

quinta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2009

Sympathy for the Devil

Sam and Dean went in their car to hear a radio station of that said that an airplane had suffered a terrorist attack. All the radio station that they changed it always appeared the same news. They looked for of Cass, they arrived at home of Matias and they saw that was everything destroyed and when arrive Matias and Sam and Dean they asked where was Cass and Matias he told them that the Archangels had finish with him, that exploded heat if she went swimming. Sam said Matias that had something in the head, Matias saw and she said that was a molar. Matias felt that something was wrong and they were angels. They wanted to take Dean, because they wanted to stop Apocalypse. The Angel began to speak of Lucifer and he said that when he joined the 4 horsemen, red oceans, the burning sky would be a success and that Dean could only stop them. Then Dean said that didn't want to join them and then dispatched them far away. They went to the hotel where they were and Sam gave Dean some sorcery sacks so that there were neither angels nor demons close to them.
Pike Creek Delaware…
She enters Nick’s house and then the gate was always opening and closing with greater and greater strength. She went to her bed and she sees that it is full of blood, puts the light on and she sees that having hallucinations. She lied down again and she gives a turn in the bed and she sees a gloomy woman lying down blood for the face that was lying in her bed. Returning to the hotel of Sam and Dean a girl that had a message of Matias for them appears. Sam asks which the message was and she told her that Matias had a vision “Miguel’s sword it is in the Earth. The angels lost “Sam she asks where was the sword and she was at a castle, in a hill done of 42 dogs. Bobby arrives at the hotel and she talks about the subject of Miguel's sword, she shows several books and she says that didn't want to find it in a dark alley. She commands the troops of the sky and that was him that gave a kick in Lucifer's behind for the hell with his sword. Sam rises and it counts Bobby that Lilith didn't break the last stamp, she said that Lilith was the last stamp and that he killed her and that freed Lucifer. Bobby nor she wanted to believe in what they were hearing. Sam came out for the door and went around and then Dean and Bobby were alone and suddenly Bobby begins to struggle with Dean. The eyes of Dean were all blacks it was a demons that was inside of him.

Again in Pike Creek Delaware…
Nick should find some toys of his son and then the son's swinging began the alone later to swing she began to hear cries, she went to see to the son's room and the turn of the bed there was blood. Sam and Dean are going to an obscure ranch where they were dead people, they had been the Angels that had killed them. And an Angel says equal Dean that Miguel's sword it was him. Dean refused to do what goes that is. Then appears Cass saying that Lucifer approached for your receiver and it disappeared.
Returning Pike Creek Delaware
Nick was in his bed to dream and he wakes up, there was a woman in his room saying that was Lucifer and that Nick was a very powerful receiver and that one wanted to take possession of Nick, then Nick says that allied with Lucifer. Sam and Dean Spoke and Dean told her that tried everything to forget but that had not forgotten what Sam did. She was very disappointed with him and then they went to his hotel.

Work done by:
Bruno Bento
Carlos Diogo
Luís Gonzaga

Behind my house, there are woods, some kind of strange and awesome group of old and big trees. Folks say there is the place where many people have mysteriously disappeared and never showed up again. They never spoke of murders, but if even they did, I would not believe one something like that, because the police, on the very searches took up by them, found no dead bodies.
I can’t explain why, but I’ve always felt this like fascinating interest on that woods. Maybe because they are different, or maybe because they were close to my house, I’ve always needed to protect them. Every night I went to my bedroom window, and I looked to the woods. It seemed there were more than trees on the shadows. The twilight showed many things that I could swear, as human black forms running through the ancient trees. One moment they were there, one second later there were just the trees shadows again.
Winter has arrived to town slowly, bringing soft rain and mist turning the ancient forest more fascinating than always. It was one of those days, when I decided to adventure myself through those woods. I was loving the experience, seeing the old trees too close hiding the grey clouds on the sky of the rainy day. The green leaves on the top of the trees dancing together with the music composed by the wind, and the yellow ones on the ground making noise by every step of my feet. It was like if I was totally free, with nothing to worry about.

But something took my freedom instantaneously. I was listening more than two steps. Paying more attention, I knew: two other people were following me. My mind started to work very fast, like a couple of thoughts at same time, making me more confused. And I risked look back. I saw two guys whom I ever saw in my life, looking at me. When I stopped walking, they stopped too. At first looking, they were no more than normal people were. But the strong facts of the situation, made me thought different. Scared, I payed attention to details. The eyes, of pure red, like if fresh blood was moving inside the eyes. And the pale skin, like snow. There was definitely something wrong. They couldn’t be normal. They couldn’t be human. I was finally convinced that they had followed me since I entered on the woods, and just half an hour I found out they were behind me. It made me remember the lion looking for food, walking in silence behind the lamb, and when the chance comes out, he attacks killing the weak one.
I was almost turning back to take my walk again, with hope to keep going without being interrupted when the strongest one called me by my name.
- Elena!
- How do you know my name? – I was in shock.
- You came to us freely. We did not call you here. You came by your own! You cannot go back! You choose to come here and feed us as a volunteer. You are not allowed to live among humans anymore!
- What are you talking about?
What happened next was so fast that I did not know what really happened. I felt very pain inside me, and then darkness.
Today I am dead living in the woods for the eternity, drinking blood and killing innocents.

Martinó - n4, 10E

quarta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2009

Halloween Story

The Mistery of Barkley Manor

It was a dark and foggy night on October 31st. Since it was already midnight no one was outside, except for three friends: Allison, John and Daniel. They found themselves in the only street of the town where no one dared to go after nightfall. Usher Street was always a sombre and peculiar location even in the daylight, a place reserved for drunks and misfits.

This street was filled with spooky and old wooden houses but one in particular was the sole cause of the fright people felt. The Barkley Manor was built in a Victorian style and was said to be abandoned for almost a century. Its last occupant was an anti-social elderly man that started shooting at anyone that got close enough to his abode. This man died in a very odd way, he was killed by one of his booby traps that he put on his lawn to scare off strangers. According to an urban myth his ghost still lives in that house and will trap anyone that goes inside its abode.

Allison, John and Daniel, went there to see if they could catch a glimpse of the old man’s ghost. They approached the black gate of the manor and opened it. It made a horrible squeaking sound and beyond it you could see a garden full of weeds and withered grass and flowers. They almost couldn’t see the stoned path that lead to the porch. As they walked up the manors porch a rocking chair on it started to move back and forth and they heard a wicked laugh coming from inside the house. Despite the fear the friends felt, their curiosity was greater and they slowly opened the large front door and went inside.

Inside, the manor looked even creepier with old furniture filled with dust and spider webs every
where. But alas the ghost was nowhere to be found. Daniel said it was best for them to go home and all agreed, however, as they turned around to go home the front door slammed shut and that same wicked laugh was heard again. The ghost of the elderly man finally appeared, he was very old, with an almost bald head and a white beard and hair and you could see blood all over his “clothes”, he had an angered look on his face. The last thing heard on Usher Street that night were the cries for help of three children.

They were reported missing by their families but the police was unable to find them anywhere. And so the mystery of Barkley Manor lives on. On dark foggy nights, if you get close enough to the manor you can hear screams of despair followed by a wicked laugh.

Isabela Bica, nº14, 10ºB

segunda-feira, 26 de outubro de 2009

Halloween Story

The Mountain Cabin

It was a hot summer’s day and all was quiet on the small mountain cabin. Amber could barely hear her own breathing, let alone the owls outside, which was pretty unusual at that time of night.
Suddenly she heard a rustling noise outside, followed by an opening of a window. Someone was inside her house. She struggled not to move and tried to see the intruder or at least his shadow. But what she saw instead was very odd. There wasn’t any shadow or figure in the room, she was alone.

She rose from her bed and started walking as quietly as possible towards the living room, the intruder could have easily moved to that room. She grabbed her baseball bat, which was by the door of the room, and quickly opened the door in hope of surprising the assumed thief. Again, she was left staring into space and the intruder was nowhere to be found.

She decided to return to her bed since it was pointless to search for a non-existent burglar. But when she turned, she didn’t see her bed or any part of her room she recognized. All she saw was a giant, immobile, almost transparent, grey blob. She tentatively reached for it and was taken aback when her whole hand passed through it.

All of the sudden, she felt like her whole body was being sucked into it and she tried to fight it, screaming as loud as she could for help, but it was too late. She disappeared, never to be seen again. When the police went to search her home, the cabin had vanished, leaving no trace of its existence behind.

People say that if go to the mountain on a quiet night, you can still hear a woman crying desperately for help, followed by a grim silence.
Adriana da Cunha Bica, nº1, 10ºE

segunda-feira, 19 de outubro de 2009



English! What is that?
It's a very well known language.
Actually the most spoken language in the world.

Foreign languages! What is that?
It's a mix-tape ("gracias, oui, danke, como estás, buona sera...") of cultures and traditions.

A world of monolingual and bilingual speakers.
Today,people speak different types of languages such as Dutsh, French, Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian.
Around the world there is always someone who speaks a little bit of English because it is a universal language.
English, is a language which is easily understood by everyone.

Hugo Teixeira and Miguel Sousa 10ºB