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The Mirror

Once upon a time, a pretty and intelligent girl named Nancy Fieldman, of an humble origin, who worked in a mansion, in England, with her mother, by the year 1870.
The owner of the mansion where Nancy and her mother worked was a man with serious personality problems, an unscrupulous psychopath. This man was very rude to them and treated them badly leaving them only the remains of its frequent services and a cold room where both fit in during the night, in that mansion with numerous hot rooms that were locked for use only for guests.
Due to the inhumane treatment and also a profound anemia, Nancy's mother died, leaving her daughter her few possessions, a small doll and a mirror framed in marble left by his father with the following words at the bottom of the mirror: «I will be a reflection of your soul wherever I am».
Nancy was a shy girl, but she was always smiling, however, with the death of her mother, Nancy went into a deep depression and wanted to leave the mansion.
The owner of the mansion, knowing her intentions, locked Nancy in a basement, where she could not go out, and what was worse, the girl was raped every night in that place.
One day, tired of suffering and so much pain, Nancy tried to respond to the aggression that was submitted, giving a blow with her doll in the face of man. The owner of the mansion, very angry with the girl, slapped her and smothered with her own doll.
During this discussion, the girl dropped the mirror and still no air said her last words: "I will be the reflection of your soul wherever I am" ...
Weeks later the man was found with her hair completely gray, dead without explanation with a piece of mirror in his hands.
Until today, the death of this man has been a mystery, many people say that the persons who picked up this piece of mirror have died or become mad, many say they see a reflection of little Nancy.

Andreia Sofia
Diana Isabel
José Filipe
Paulo Rafael

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