sábado, 19 de dezembro de 2009


Dear Mary Jones,

Why are you worried about other people`s life? Just because your friends have boyfriends it doesn`t mean you have to start looking for someone desperately. You are 14 years old and in my opinion it`s too soon to think seriously about it. First, enjoy your age by choosing good friends, nice people and maybe you`ll meet someone that is compatible with you. Try to change something about your looks because you said you are shy and guys don`t know you exist. There must be some subjects you like to talk about such as music, cinema or sports, mostly sports, guys love it!
There is no reason to be desperate, you are too young and you are not mature enough to face loneliness. Don`t rush! Hearn to love yourself and to feel good with yourself, then you will be ready to feel good with others.
I hope my advice will help you to progress in this matter.

Hope to hear goods from you soon

Best wishes,

Dr. Hope

José Bragança Nº18 10ºD

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