terça-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2009

Scary Story

When I was 9 years old, I move to a new house. It was a two-storey house, small and not very pretty, but older. After a couple months I knew everybody in the neighborhood especially the children’s. Was when one of the neighboring asked me:
“Who is lay awake all night in your house?”, “Nobody!?” I replay, “So why I listening the door beating all night?”
I told the case to my mom but she doesn’t give importance. I also don’t care much for it, my neighbors always said: “How you have courage to live in that house?”.
Later we contracts one employer and she was very afraid, she said “When I’m down I hear noises of people up there, and when I'm up, I hear noise down.”. “It must be the dog.” we said , “ No, the dog stay all the time beside me.”. But nobody care.
One day i was sleeping (with my mom and my brother) when someone hit the door. It isn’t a common beat, was very strong. My mom goes to the door and asked “Who is?”, but nobody answer. Two more times she asked and nobody answered. So my moms took the phone and call to the employer and ask if was her that knock the door. The answer was no. After joining courage the two of us were to outside see what’s going on. The whole house was in the most perfect silence. It was when my mom told me that the former owner of the house had been murdered, apparently by his partner. Since then mother, brother and aunt had gone to live there, but everyone left with afraid. Until my mother bought the house, but all the people who rented it also came out saying that they saw things. We live in this house for three years and since then I’ve never had such experiences. Particularly, I am very skeptical about these things. Neighbors, however, until today are afraid of the house.

Carla Andreia
Filipa Vieira
José Silva
Sofia Costa

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