domingo, 29 de novembro de 2009

Serial Killer

A long time ago, a certain boy (John) due to a judicial sentence was compelled to remain at home without never being able to leave.
As he had nothing to do he occupied his time to observe the routine of the neighbours, watching television and playing playstation.
One night, when he was observing Dani, the next door neighbour, he saw that Dani was accompanied by a beautiful woman. Suddently, John listened to a strange noise coming from the house of Dani:
-Help, help...
John immediately ran to the window and saw the woman running around the house, being very scared. Suddently, Dani appeared behind her and put her unconscious. John was very scared and tried to understand what was happening, only that Dani saw it and stared at him with a cold and dark look.
John was at home with his mother and therefore was afraid that Dani would kill them. But, thank God, Dani did nothing.
The next day, John tried to find out what had happened to that woman, so he tried to enter the house of Dani.
By chance, John found the house of Dani, a secret door that led into a subterranean room. When, John entered the room he was horrified as, he met decapitated bodies of woman. The horror was such that John didn`t notice the approach of Dani.
They were involved in a fight, when suddently John saw a knife and stabbe him in the heart, John imagined the suffering those woman had, when they were to be cut, and felt horrified by this act.
For this act of courage, John was declared not guilt of all accusations, becoming a free man.
Fátima Sousa 1oºD Nº9

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  1. Hey buddy, the story it's ok
    I like it, it seems like Paranoya

    I'm angel from peru and I appreciate your job