sábado, 28 de novembro de 2009

The haunted house

Once upon a time in a dark and amazing night, some boys, Frederic and John, walked around at forest. They were lost when they were playing hide-and-seek. It was full moon night, the day of free ghosts. They were already between forest when they understood where they were. They were desperate, because didn`t know that local. Frederic began to think how they could leave from there. John was very frightened, then the Frederic told:
-John don`t get sad, so we`ll leave from here.

Then, they began to walk at forest, suddenly they saw a old abandoned house. Frederic entered in first to see inside. He didn`t see nothing special, therefore he commanded John to go up, to spend there the night. The two friends began the rummage house and they found big and cosy beds for rest. It`s half past eleven p.m., when struck twelve o`clock p.m., a big noise was heard. The boys woke of deep sleep, so was the day their freedom. Frederi and John walked the stroll throught the house searching for answers, when they suddenly saw a white thing.

John told:

-Is a ghost.

-We must leave from here, now!-answeed Frederic.began to run, but the doors were locked. The ghosts came near them. The ghosts led the boys for the ghost assembly, to decide their future. The chief of ghosts was very happy, because he have two people to amuse himself. The ghosts told:

-Transform in ghost for ever.

Other told:


They didn`t arrive to a consensus, therefore the chief of ghosts decided, to transform them into ghosts. John and Frederic were terrifying with such news. The gave to prepare the ritual. After some time, John and Frederic were transformed into ghosts.

When the daybreak, the ghosts were in their deep sleep. The two friends were sad, so they only could see their family in day 13 th June, the day of free ghosts.

Trabalho realizado por: Vera Sousa 10ºD nº 28

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