quarta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2009

Scary Story

Alison is at home when comes her father, Ronald. She was scared because she knew what was going to happen. Her father was very strange and empty her life black. Determined, she jumped out the window and took only a blackpack with her.

She was fleeing to the mountain thinking that there she would be safe. But while running heard cries and thought her father was chasing her. After some time she looked back and saw an animal. It was great, had a horrible odour and was going towards her. Seeing this she began again to try to escape, but the monster caught her and took her to a cave. She is unconscious when she awakes and sees the monster trying to eat her. He has the teeth with blood and a large tongue. Then she realized that the noises were people who were secreaming for help because they were being attaked by him.
Alison escapes and runs towards the house. When she there arrives, her father isn't at home.
She hides in garage but there is a monster and attacks her. She gets into her senses and sees that her mother is dead at her feet in a room in the loft. She thought that her mother had died in an explosion but was now seeing her there covered with blood and her body was falling apart. Suddenly appeared her father and asked your fogiveness. Alison doesn't understand. Alison felt a strond blow on the head and fainted.
She woke upin her bed and her father was caring for her forshe had a fever.
Was it a dream? Can this dream come true?~
Miguel Sousa nº24 10ºB

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