quinta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2009

Scary Story

One day a group of friends prepared a party on a desert island called “La Isla de la Muerte”, because many years ago there was a mad scientist that invented the immortal blood and was still living there with his guinea pig and when one of them bite someone they turned into monsters.
A group of friends saw the pamphlet, they decided to go, they couldn’t know what was expecting them.
They asked a fisherman to take them to that island. The fisherman needed to unload some illegal cargo there he decided to take them to the island. He told them not to go but they only cared about the party.
When day arrived to the island they tried to find the person who organized the party but they only found an old house that had the inscription “House of the Dead” and abandoned stage.
They went to the stage and remain there until the dawn, then some of them took a night walk. The monsters heard some noise and they attacked one girl and suddenly the cops arrived that killed her because she was already transformed.
When the friends got there and saw that she was dead they cried.
The police said that day had no choice but kill her because she was already infected and could infect the others.
They tried to run away but the monsters blocked their way so they ran to the beach because it was safer. They hide and planned the attack against the monsters. They looked for weapons on the fisherman’s cargo, luckily they found real weapons.
They shot against the monsters and fled at the same time and they got into the old house.
The monsters couldn’t attack them but they couldn’t stay much longer.
Luckily they found a away out through a tunnel under the ground, they went to the tunnel but they didn´t find an exit but a lab with a lot of human organs and a corpse that suddenly rose and attacked them but they killed it before he infected anyone.
And surprisingly the mad scientist. They struggled to survive until one of them found some dynamite and planted it all over the house.
They looked for the mad scientist inside the house and they blew up with the house. Everything was gone. They stood there, until morning when the fisherman returned b with help.
Everything ended just fine.

David Costa 10ºE Nº8
Mara Peixoto 10ºE Nº21

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