quinta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2009

Sympathy for the Devil

Sam and Dean went in their car to hear a radio station of that said that an airplane had suffered a terrorist attack. All the radio station that they changed it always appeared the same news. They looked for of Cass, they arrived at home of Matias and they saw that was everything destroyed and when arrive Matias and Sam and Dean they asked where was Cass and Matias he told them that the Archangels had finish with him, that exploded heat if she went swimming. Sam said Matias that had something in the head, Matias saw and she said that was a molar. Matias felt that something was wrong and they were angels. They wanted to take Dean, because they wanted to stop Apocalypse. The Angel began to speak of Lucifer and he said that when he joined the 4 horsemen, red oceans, the burning sky would be a success and that Dean could only stop them. Then Dean said that didn't want to join them and then dispatched them far away. They went to the hotel where they were and Sam gave Dean some sorcery sacks so that there were neither angels nor demons close to them.
Pike Creek Delaware…
She enters Nick’s house and then the gate was always opening and closing with greater and greater strength. She went to her bed and she sees that it is full of blood, puts the light on and she sees that having hallucinations. She lied down again and she gives a turn in the bed and she sees a gloomy woman lying down blood for the face that was lying in her bed. Returning to the hotel of Sam and Dean a girl that had a message of Matias for them appears. Sam asks which the message was and she told her that Matias had a vision “Miguel’s sword it is in the Earth. The angels lost “Sam she asks where was the sword and she was at a castle, in a hill done of 42 dogs. Bobby arrives at the hotel and she talks about the subject of Miguel's sword, she shows several books and she says that didn't want to find it in a dark alley. She commands the troops of the sky and that was him that gave a kick in Lucifer's behind for the hell with his sword. Sam rises and it counts Bobby that Lilith didn't break the last stamp, she said that Lilith was the last stamp and that he killed her and that freed Lucifer. Bobby nor she wanted to believe in what they were hearing. Sam came out for the door and went around and then Dean and Bobby were alone and suddenly Bobby begins to struggle with Dean. The eyes of Dean were all blacks it was a demons that was inside of him.

Again in Pike Creek Delaware…
Nick should find some toys of his son and then the son's swinging began the alone later to swing she began to hear cries, she went to see to the son's room and the turn of the bed there was blood. Sam and Dean are going to an obscure ranch where they were dead people, they had been the Angels that had killed them. And an Angel says equal Dean that Miguel's sword it was him. Dean refused to do what goes that is. Then appears Cass saying that Lucifer approached for your receiver and it disappeared.
Returning Pike Creek Delaware
Nick was in his bed to dream and he wakes up, there was a woman in his room saying that was Lucifer and that Nick was a very powerful receiver and that one wanted to take possession of Nick, then Nick says that allied with Lucifer. Sam and Dean Spoke and Dean told her that tried everything to forget but that had not forgotten what Sam did. She was very disappointed with him and then they went to his hotel.

Work done by:
Bruno Bento
Carlos Diogo
Luís Gonzaga

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