segunda-feira, 26 de outubro de 2009

Halloween Story

The Mountain Cabin

It was a hot summer’s day and all was quiet on the small mountain cabin. Amber could barely hear her own breathing, let alone the owls outside, which was pretty unusual at that time of night.
Suddenly she heard a rustling noise outside, followed by an opening of a window. Someone was inside her house. She struggled not to move and tried to see the intruder or at least his shadow. But what she saw instead was very odd. There wasn’t any shadow or figure in the room, she was alone.

She rose from her bed and started walking as quietly as possible towards the living room, the intruder could have easily moved to that room. She grabbed her baseball bat, which was by the door of the room, and quickly opened the door in hope of surprising the assumed thief. Again, she was left staring into space and the intruder was nowhere to be found.

She decided to return to her bed since it was pointless to search for a non-existent burglar. But when she turned, she didn’t see her bed or any part of her room she recognized. All she saw was a giant, immobile, almost transparent, grey blob. She tentatively reached for it and was taken aback when her whole hand passed through it.

All of the sudden, she felt like her whole body was being sucked into it and she tried to fight it, screaming as loud as she could for help, but it was too late. She disappeared, never to be seen again. When the police went to search her home, the cabin had vanished, leaving no trace of its existence behind.

People say that if go to the mountain on a quiet night, you can still hear a woman crying desperately for help, followed by a grim silence.
Adriana da Cunha Bica, nº1, 10ºE

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