quarta-feira, 28 de abril de 2010

A Meeting

A meeting between a boy and a girl . They met in chat and then in the bus station of Felgueiras...
G: Hi! You are the Bad Boy?
J: Yes, and you are the Sexy Girl?
G: Yes, I am. But you haven't a bad boy's face?!
J: And you aren't sexy!
G: Yeah! But what's your real name?
J: Joni. And yours?
G: Gina!
J: This place isn't the best place for a first meeting!
G: Really!
J: And you aren't so funny as I though!
G: What?! Are you are insulting me?!
J: No, I'm just telling the truth.
G: I came all the way from England to meet you and you are insulting me?!
J: What?! Are you from England?
G: Yes, why?
J: Because I live in the Algarve!
G: Woouh! It isn't my intention...
J: This meeting was a waste of time! I'm so sorry!
G: Me too !Well, bye!
J: Bye bye, Gina...
Cláudia Silva & Miguel Sousa 10ºB

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