segunda-feira, 9 de maio de 2011

How to make a successful career

Nowadays is very hard to have a successful career.
The first time is moment of reflection about what you like and make a great choice for the future.
Next, we need have energy for work, to be determined to achieve the goals, witty, have motivation and capacity to deal with the problems successfully. To show that we are competent, you must be responsible, a little talented and love what you do. We cannot be too ambitious it issometimes exaggerated and excessive ambition leads us to take risks unconsciously. We must be honest!
And as no pain no gain, we must be active and work hard to be the best, or at least try being the best.
We need to strive and the most important in a job, a good salary that matches our dedication.
In our opinion, these are the conditions to have a successful career but all depends on the personality of each person.

Ana Costa, Jorge Ribeiro and Miguel Sousa 11ºB

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