terça-feira, 7 de junho de 2011


Interviewer: Good Morning!! I am miss Brown and I´m the owner of this kindergarden. So, Who are you? and Why are you applying for this job?. I hope that you are more interesting than other applicants because I had other interviews and I´m not interested them because they thought children should be treat like a chiauau.

Applicant: Ok!Ok! You can relax because I know the difference between a dog and a child. First, I´m Kate and I am interested in this job because I think that I can teach this children funny things like to colour, to develop their artistic abilities such as drawing because I have a degree in Arts.

Interviewer: Much better!! Because I am looking for someone to take care these children but it isn´t a requirement that they have a diploma. However, if you have a degree it´s good. In truth, I wanted to find a person that can relate with kids, someone who truly cares for them and this person should be creative to develop interesting activities for kids. But, the main question is: "How is you relation with kids?", "Do you like them?"

Applicant: Well, I am ,no doubt, a creative person. But about my relation with kids I don´t know very well because I don´t have much experience with kids but in my house I have a little animal that I like very much I care for it everyday. And, in truth I don´t find young children particulary funny or appealing.

Interviewer: OOOhhhh.... This is a problem but I think with experience you could like kids more. Thank you and I will think about your application.

Applicant: Ok. I liked you very much so that after this interview I hope that you might consider me for this position.

Interviewer: ( Another one who believes that kids are like dogs.) So, next person....

By: Fátima Sousa and Vera Sousa 11ºD

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