terça-feira, 7 de junho de 2011


Interviewer: Good Morning!! I am miss Brown and I´m the owner of this kindergarden. So, Who are you? and Why are you applying for this job?. I hope that you are more interesting than other applicants because I had other interviews and I´m not interested them because they thought children should be treat like a chiauau.

Applicant: Ok!Ok! You can relax because I know the difference between a dog and a child. First, I´m Kate and I am interested in this job because I think that I can teach this children funny things like to colour, to develop their artistic abilities such as drawing because I have a degree in Arts.

Interviewer: Much better!! Because I am looking for someone to take care these children but it isn´t a requirement that they have a diploma. However, if you have a degree it´s good. In truth, I wanted to find a person that can relate with kids, someone who truly cares for them and this person should be creative to develop interesting activities for kids. But, the main question is: "How is you relation with kids?", "Do you like them?"

Applicant: Well, I am ,no doubt, a creative person. But about my relation with kids I don´t know very well because I don´t have much experience with kids but in my house I have a little animal that I like very much I care for it everyday. And, in truth I don´t find young children particulary funny or appealing.

Interviewer: OOOhhhh.... This is a problem but I think with experience you could like kids more. Thank you and I will think about your application.

Applicant: Ok. I liked you very much so that after this interview I hope that you might consider me for this position.

Interviewer: ( Another one who believes that kids are like dogs.) So, next person....

By: Fátima Sousa and Vera Sousa 11ºD

sábado, 4 de junho de 2011

How to build a successful career?

To have a successful career is need, in first, have a happy and a good emotionaly life. After we need to be intelligent, taking advantage of all things that life give us. Determination, dedication and responsability are a good arms to win the obstacules. When we want something we never give up, showing our moral values, to be educated, never mistreating someone. We need to have brave to risk in different things and perspectivesof life. But, mainly, we need to be active, communicated, have a good relationship with the team work, a leadership skills and to love what do to have a successful career.
The bottom line, our successful career depend of us not of others.

Vera Sousa Nº29 11ºD