sábado, 13 de fevereiro de 2010

Advices - Dr. Hope

Dear John,

I see that you’re facing a problem that affects many young people of your age. Increasingly, people use the Internet to make new friends but, when it comes the time to get to know personally, sometimes it creates anxiety and insecurity. The people go deep in issues: “Does she will like me?”, “What is she going to think about my physical appearance?”, “Will she want to meet me again?”. However, this initial fear is perfectly natural, although it mustn’t be penalized. You must believe that if she wants to meet you personally it is because certainly she liked to talk with you and you awakened her interest. In fact, physical appearance is an aspect that can influence your relationship, but I am sure that there are things much more relevant. It is important value yourself and believe in your abilities and potential.
The tastes are very relative and, moreover, the beauty is “ in the eye of the beholder” while the personality and personal values remain over time. She should admire you for what you are as a person. And, John, if it does not happen, it won’t be the end of the world. I’m sure that soon you will meet many other girls and, who knows, some of them will become special to you and that you really deserve.
Even so, good luck!

P.S. – You said that you are a good student. Congratulations, keep going!

Dr. Hope

Diana Isabel Nº.7 - 10º.D

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