quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2010

Summary of an interview with Chad Foster
Chad Foster gave an interview, in which he speaks about life in general, especially money.
He asks himself why people said that we shouldn´t take drugs, smoke, drink, and all bad things, and why everybody don´t tell us what we had to do?
He said that 99% of today´s teenagers will get the money they need by working, marrying or stealing.
Nowadays for to get some money, we have to work hard, and sometimes we don´t do what we liked.
So, we have to chose the right job because the money doesn´t bring us the necessary basics (healthy and happiness).
The right job will most probably pay our bills, let us save some money and have fun with what we do.
But remember money it´s not everything.

Ana Rita e Sofia 10ºD

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