terça-feira, 12 de outubro de 2010

Climate Changes and Us

In these past few years, the climate of our Planet has begun to worsen due to the effects of the “Human Footprint”.

This “Human Footprint” consists in the way we affect our planet. Since the 18th century, when the industrialization begun, there has been an increase in population growth due to the breakthroughs in health and the increase of available food. As the population grew more with each passing year, the need for more food and other resources also increased. Every year, more and more trees are cut down to make room for agriculture and pasture for cattle. Mankind is singlehandedly reducing the “Earth’s Lungs” and the planet’s ability to turn the carbon dioxide, which comes from the burning of fossil fuels, into oxygen.

Currently, there are too many greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and they are worsening the greenhouse effect, which causes global warming and, consequently, is causing all the climate changes that we are observing.

If we don’t change our attitude towards the planet, these won’t be a planet for future generations. We need to act now! We need to recycle more, to waste fewer resources and recover the “health” of our planet because it’s the only Planet we have.


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