sábado, 6 de novembro de 2010

Demon`s party

It`s Hallowen`s night!!!

Daisy and her friends decided to celebrated the Halloween`s night with a feast of fun, alcohol and a lot of music. So, there isn`t better place than the placeof the darkest night: the Oksland`cemetery.

According to the prophecies, in Halloween`s night the demons rise from the dephs of hell and they feed of the men of Earth.

But, Daisy and her friends knew nothing about this prophecies.

The party was in the peak, everyone were happy, they drank a lot, being carefrees with what was happening around them. The friends misteriously dissappear one by one.

When there were only five friends, the terror settled, they heard a amazing noise in everywhere. Suddenly, Daisy began to see her friends be pulled by shadowns. Daisy runs and she heads up for a grave where she sees all her friends beheaded in a bloodbath with a expression of terror etched on their faces. Daisy runs, scared and screaming desperately.

Behind her, Daisy hears steps and when she was about to succumb to the immense terror, the demons say: Surprise!!! And her friends appeared. - (It`s a joke)

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