sexta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2010

Earth and Humanity

You are going to try to imagine that:
Earth (E): I`m the Earth.
Humanity (H): I`m the Humanity.
E: Cough!!!
H: What is the matter?
E: I`m feeling ill.
H: How did that happen?
E: I`m sick and tired because of you.
H: It`s my fault? What did I do? It`s nothing to do with me.
E: You are wrong, because everday you use up all my resources and pollute my air, water, soil. Everything that you do is like poison to me.
H: But I don`t do anything that special. I only use the resources that you give me, like water, coal, food, a place to live and other things.
E: It`s clear, I`m your house. But, everthing that I give you, you use to the excess. For example: the oil that produces energy and releases big quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere, the time you spend in your bath which uses too much water...
H: ...and the paper that Iuse, the plastic, the fertilazers that I use in modern agriculture that pollute hidden resources and soil, blá, blá, blá and much more. But, I need all of this to live.
E: Ok, you to live you need all of this, but it`s this that is harmful and will finish with the only place where you can live. However, there are other hypotheses that give the same result and they are less harmful, like wind energy and there are methods that help to reduce pollution, the waste produced and, help to conserve the resources we have.
H: But then, what are these methods?
E: They are very simple methods and can be summarized in three words: recycle, reduce and reuse.
H: And, if we don`t put these methods into practice, what will can to happen?
E: It isn`t, what will happen , but what happens today in many parts of the Earth. There are: the death of the coral reefs, endangered species, hurricanes, drought...
H: So, we are responsible for all the disasters that happen, are happening, and that will happen?
E: So, why do you think they happen then?
H: Ok,... I`m sorry. I agree with you. I promise from now on to try to be better and protect the Earth`s planet.
E: I believe. We together are going to struggle for the world.

Humanity`s footprint on the Earth has affect the planet`s life systems. Each one of us is a cause of climatic change, but each of us can make choices to change that. With things we buy, the cars we drive, the energy we use, we can make choices to bring our individual carbon emission to zero The solutions are in our hands.

We should have to respect our planet.
Fátima 11ºD
Vera 11ºD

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